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About Energy Fitness Coaching


Energy Fitness Coaching, led by Coach Kelly, is dedicated to providing every client topnotch, extremely personalized support. Our training techniques are based on thoroughly researched scientific approaches and personal experience to give you, the athlete, that competitive edge. 

EFC is devoted to providing personalized coaching that encompasses physical performance, mental and physical wellness, and overall balance in your life! Team with EFC and reach your athletic aspirations! Contact us today!

Get the EFC Advantage!!!

100% Customized 100% Personalized Coaching

Why should you become an Energy Fitness Coaching Athlete? With Energy Fitness Coaching you get more than just your sport specific training plan. We believe in providing you a total lifestyle training package with all the tools and guidance you need to be successful in every aspect of your training, racing, nutrition, health and work-family balance. That's the EFC Advantage! 

EFC will take your training and racing to a whole new level because we listen, adapt and are 100% committed to you! Here is a list of Advantages you will receive with EFC...

  • Endurance Training: We help you decipher, understand, economize and maximize the benefits of long term periodization training for successful endurance training. Not only will we map out your daily, weekly and monthly workouts, but you will learn how each workout relates to your big-picture, known as the macrocycle. Together we create a step-by-step game plan to help you achieve your goals incrementally through proper periodization training. Our comprehensive Training Log will enable us to break down your training into blocks known as mesocycles and then into weekly training objectives known as microcycles with specific progressions designed to meet your goals for each mesocycle. Each day effects the next, so communication and adaptation is the key to success!
    • We are partnered with to offer a robust training tool to log and track workouts, view video clips and tips, record and analyze nutrition, heart rate and power data and provide an efficient and effective means of communication between athlete and coach. 
  • Competition Schedule: We help you choose the right races to complement your athletic development, and allow you to build and peak appropriately throughout the year.
  • Sport Specific Skills: Endurance sports are demanding and proper technique followed by building strength, power and speed is essential for you to see improvement. We provide you with the right workouts and the right progression for you to develop effectively each year.
    • Swimming- We help you build proper technique, endurance, strength and speed. We provide resources for open water swimming, sighting and drafting. We offer tools to help you cope with choppy conditions and improve your open water swimming.
    • Cycling- We help you improve technique and efficiency on your properly fit bike. We build in strength and power through hill work and big gear riding as well as speed work including short burst, threshold and above threshold training.
    • Running- We help you improve technique and form through effective biomechanics. We help you eliminate excessive upper-body movement, bounce in your stride and unnecessary side-to-side motion. We build in drills, strength, and speed throughout your personalized plan.
    • Integrated Functional Strength Training- Endurance athletes work mostly in one plane of motion. Therefore, we incorporate multiplaner work and include specific functional exercises to help you become more muscularly balanced to reduce injury and give you a competitive edge. We provide you with a detailed Functional Training worksheet that covers exercises to develop your strength appropriately throughout the season. Adding strength training is one thing, but doing the right strength training can make a big difference in your performance. So we take the guess work out and provide the right strength training for you!
    • Flexibility- We help you build an effective stretching program and encourage you to take Yoga and Pilates classes. We also help build in lengthening and strengthening with Coach Kelly's Triathilates™ workouts and highly recommend implementing self-myofascial release. 
    • Nutrition- Eating right will not only improve your performance but enhance your mood! We provide unique information in our detailed Nutrition Log and Worksheet. We help you with daily nutrition as well as race day nutrition! Energy in is energy out, so it's important to understand food is fuel and if we fuel effectively we will perform efficiently!
  • Healthy lifestyle: Staying healthy over long periods of time is perhaps the most important goal for endurance athletes. We help you to listen to your body, monitor your aches and pains and build in needed rest. We see your life from the bigger perspective and help you pull back on training when work or family situations become stressful, we help you manage your hectic schedule and we are there encouraging you every step of the way!
  • Mental training: Mental training has an incredibly important role in your success. People can be physically fit, but if they are not mentally strong, they will falter when the going gets tough. When it comes to endurance sports, the going will get tough! We help you develop consistent emotional zones and emphasis visualization techniques. We help you push your body hard when needed and we help you pull back and go easy and rest when needed as well.
  • Support: Creating an emotional and spiritual support group is an important part of your endurance sports training. You cannot reach your potential alone. You can count on your coach to be there for you as well as meet other EFC athletes who go through similar challenges. We encourage you to include friends, family and co-workers in your endurance journey. Communicate your training plan and surround yourself with people who give you energy and believe in your goals! Family first! We will help you fit training in around your family’s schedule. 
  • Personalized, Customized and Individualized: When you become an EFC athlete you can trust that your training plan is 100% personalized and customized individually for you! We create your workouts from scratch based on decades of experience and your own strengths, limiters, goals and time available. We learn your schedule and work with you to create an effective training plan around your busy life. We pride ourselves on coach initiated communication, frequent athlete communication and our availability. We try our best to always be there for you when you have a question. We believe in and live by our core value... "Train Smart and Enjoy Your Ride" 

There are numerous advantages to partnering with Energy Fitness Coaching
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